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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ginger Peach the horse that taught me most of what I need to learn. Sweet girl.

Ginger neighed really loudly here. I was being judged on something called catch and halter. She looks pretty good for a 25+ year old horse. She was well taken care of and loved until she died at 34+ years old no horse should be skinny just cause they are old. Okay, off my soap box now.

Ginger and I concentrating.

Picale and I opening a gate in a trail class. I showed mostly English, but did some pole bending, barrel racing, the keyhole, hurry scurry etc. you know if your going to a show you might as well enter what you can, LOL. I did place every time and in an English saddle to boot, some western riders were not so thrilled with me. I even won 1st in a trail class in a English saddle, on a Pony of the Americas, or POA in a group of 35+ entrants most in western gear, LOL. Besides all that I also jumped and did dressage.

Picale and I in and equitation class and at a very relaxed show I might add look at the short sleeves with no coat and my hair not tied back, oh well. I placed in this class, glad some people realize that youngsters are still learning.

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