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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Myself and my younger brother David at well Christmas apparently I am quite pleased about something, LOL

8Th grade graduation. Myself and Kerri also a surprised Joel Wilmarth and Juan getting a in the shot. Can't remember what I was laughing at.
Kerri and I being much more composed, LOL

Okay can you spot the interesting thing with this picture, this is myself, Kerri, Christine and Denise. Now look closely....... Okay I bought this dress 2 years before this and it just happened to be the perfect color for graduation, Christine bought her a month before this picture and although it is a different color it is the exact same dress, and Kerri and Denise bought theirs a few weeks apart, we decided two of us would push the straps off the shoulder for a different look, LOL. Oh how grown up we all felt, LOL

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