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Thursday, January 17, 2008


Hello, Hello, Hello

We have been getting settled and enjoying our new home. We moved boxes down stairs and are going through them. My DS has been enrolled in school and seems to be enjoying it. I hope things go okay. I posted a new picture today of the puppies on the Amore Schnuazer puppy page. They are getting big and awfully cute they are a bit disgruntled in the pic as they had just had a bath, LOL.

We had some more snow. And though it is lovely. I am so tired of the cold. I can't wait for spring, yup I am wimpy. Although I am thankful for the winter cause really there is a good reason for it and I know God has it all figured out. I guess I should not whine and groan so much, LOL!!!

Well my DH is lighting a fire, so I may go sit in the family room and enjoy it.

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