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Saturday, January 19, 2008

My bedroom wall

This is one of my bedroom walls. The pic was taken at an angle to keep the glare from the flash from showing. Just in case you were wondering about the odd look. I love these little signs. I picked up the Inspire and Dream ones at a little feed store and gift shop outside of Spring City Tennessee. It was very picturesque all the buildings were cute and painted red. The gift shop had a lovely little covered porch. I also picked up a few of my teacups and saucers there. I picked up the Love Never Fails sign last week at dollar general. I do not shop there much. Usually just cleaning stuff and paper products. And a few odd and ends now and then. But this was cute and went with my little signs okay, so I picked it up for 3 dollars. As I get more done I will share more. And as soon as I can keep the family room tidy long enough to remember to take a pic I will, LOL.

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