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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Into every life a little rain must fall.

Well today it is falling. I was planning on driving a load up myself to the new house, alas this will not happen, SIGH............. I will have a load ready to go by the time by DH gets home and then he can run it up there and get back here to return the trailer in time. I was hoping to spare him some of this work. But he would rather the kiddos and I did not try to drive all that way and pulling a trailer as well in the rain and wind. Ahhhh he loves us!! LOL

We are actually really right on schedule. Except for the storage unit, but we will get the empited soon enough. We do not have to pay again until Feb 1st so we have plenty of time to empty it. Tonight and tomorrow morning I will clean carpets and windows and touch up everything else and then we are done. My DH will go to work tomorrow with his regular ride, my son who attends school will go tomorrow for the last day.

I will remove the rest of our belongings and the kiddos will my DH has band practice tomorrow night and then come back and pick him and the drums up, and head home. Awaiting us will be a long weekend of rearranging and putting away, LOL. SOunds relaxing right?? Thats okay it will be done.

Then we have my brother and his wife coming for a quick visit home before Chris is shipped overseas. And then 3 birthdays this month my daughters, my sons, and my sisters. Busy busy busy. I am also tentativly planning a valentines tea party if not then a spring one.

Well gotta pack some stuff

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