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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The art of laughing at ones self

Okay first you must be kinda weird like me, LOL. You must also be someone who wishes things like Christmas Village in the north pole, or Willy Wonkas chocolate factory, or Honeysuckle Corners Mo, or fairies and elves actually exist. You must also believe you know exactly what your animal friends are thinking. Then you must blog about those things as if they are real, and then when someone who did check out the info tells you different you must humbly admit that yes indeed you did goof and then insert the laughter there...... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH Wouldn't it be lovely if such a place did exist. I would be there next weekend for at least a visit. And yes the story really does not ring true, but I am gullible, actually I have a childlike heart and faith and hope are my companions. I actually am a rather competent person, I just fell for something that was way to good to be true. Oh well, it is a cute story none the less. I hope you all read it and enjoy. It is the post called the end of a way of life!!!

Silly Me

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Anonymous said...

I'm a Kansas and I just found your blog. Would love to do a blog design for you. Would you accept it as my gift?