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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Loss of a poor baby Tiger

This picture was taken during happier times. He was so sweet and loved to play.
We lost Tiger today. The kittens had been sick, but they seemed to be on the upward swing, we ran another test and the parasite was gone, however they were still having diarrhea, we were treating and and then yesterday the vet gave us another medicine yesterday but 3 or so days ago all of a sudden our darling Tiger took a nose dive, he started dropping off weight like there was no tomorrow. He looked like a concentration camp kitty. I was giving him water that I had added some sugar and a bit of salt to, kinda like pedialite, and mushed watery food, and his momma has been licking and licking him, and my daughter has been holding him ALL DAY petting him and loving on him, but it did not work he died cuddled next to his mamma with his head in my hands. I am so weary. This kitten was the most loving most friendly kitten, he loved people, if I was watching TV he would crawl up and cuddle in my lap. Once I heard a meowing coming from outside my door my husband opened it up and it was Tiger he ran in jumped on my bed lay down next to me and was happy. He was the best. Please pray that this new medicine works and that everyone is better ASAP. He will sure be missed!!


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