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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Doing what your employer says is a good idea and other fun myths

Myth Number One

BY FOLLOWING THE RULES OF YOUR EMPLOYER YOU WILL KEEP YOUR JOB!! Well lets just talk about that theory... A good one in principle... is it true??? Ummmm not really. This employer a major company says to you, if you have strep do not come in to work you can not be here with something contagious like that!!! Okay makes sense.... yeah so you don't go and then from someone else who comes in with strep you catch it again, and have to go the er cause you have no insurance, and you call said job and they say we are letting you go due to attendance. Wow I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad we listened to my employer and stayed home those days we were told to!!!!

Myth Number Two

NO ONE GETS UNEMPLOYMENT AFTER WORKING FOR A TEMP AGENCY Not true!!! Yes, you can indeed get unemployment when fired from a temp agency because you had strep throat. As this particular temp agency hired for no one but that company, they had no other jobs to offer. So we received unemployment. Yeah... of course this one WILL come back to bite you in the butt later......

Myth Number Three

IF YOU WANT A JOB IN THIS TOWN YOU CAN HAVE ONE BY NIGHTFALL!!. Seriously NOT TRUE, you can't and this is where Myth number two comes into play, after receiving the unemployment needed to be able to ummm have things such as gas for cooking and electricity and water, no temp agency will give you a job, not one no matter how much experience you have for the job. Does not matter that you were a hard worker and most of your previous employers give you glowing references, they will not give you a job when prospective jobs call them they will sabotage you. The will tell employers not to hire you, they will then lie to you and say oh they never called!! Never mind that your friend works there and asked and were informed that the agency said not to hire you!!! Or they will tell you ummmm you have to have experience in that job, a little nothing job just something to pay for electricity!!! Again a lie as you have another friend who works there and they talk to the person who does the hiring and he says ummm not true. This is were Myth number 4 comes into play!!

Myth Number Four

EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES HELP YOU FIND A JOB!!! So you go to job service centers in towns up to 40 minutes away looking for a job. You spend 2 hours filling out paperwork, you wait and call back they tell you we have not heard anything. Then finally you call back and ask about this in more detail, and they can find no evidence that you were ever there. They say they have nothing on you!! WHAT?????? So you hang up but call back to ask what happened and finally someone finds it stuffed into the back of a drawer and nothing was ever passed on to ANY jobs. Then finally one has a job for you, you got it, yeah you get home to recheck the time and they say ummmm well they just called they need no one else. Myth number five.......

Myth Number Five

THE PEOPLE AT THE LOCAL AGENCIES ARE FILLED WITH WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE!!!! NO THEY ARE NOT!!!!! I called to inform them that we have no more unemployment after this week!! We have a son who receives insurance through them as he is disabled, and we need to see about getting other help for this month as we have no more money. Well get a letter from unemployment and change it for next month, tough luck for help this month. Then I am asked about if we have jobs and I said no we are sure trying and I get the Number 1 myth repeated to me, well you can have a job in this town if you want one. And she pipes up McDonald's is hiring... UMMMM NO IT IS NOT THE ARE CLOSING AND TEARING IT DOWN AND REBUILDING IT.

I am sick to death of people who have jobs at the these agencies and other places making big fat judgements about me and my family and acting like we are just not trying. Yeah cause I mean it is my biggest desire to be homeless with 6 children. There is nothing we can get rid of to save money. We do not have extras. We have one vehicle, we have no cable TV, we have a 6 year old computer, and a teeny tiny TV, and a cheap DVD player, we have a falling apart dining set with only 1 chair left of the original and we are using plastic lawn chairs which were left here by the former person, cause we cant afford anything else. Oh yes I guess we will be saving money here soon as if we can't pay the electricity and gas they will shut it off, but then if we did not have the money to pay for it then we would not have it to save. And now the house we are living in has been put up for sale and we have to move. THIS IS NOT DUE to us not paying the rent we may have been slow but we have paid most of it. JUST THOUGHT I WOULD MENTION THAT SHOULD ANY OF THOSE PEOPLE FROM THE ABOVE MENTIONED PLACES READ THIS!! No one wants to rent to us. No one wants 6 kids in any of their houses. Trust me I have asked. Not that we have the money to move anywhere anyway.

If we could manage to buy a large travel trailer like for camping I do have a dear friend, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE THANK YOU YOU ARE AMAZING, who has graciously offered to let us live on their property out in the country, which is amazing and so sweet and you know we could do that. We would be away from the city which is what we want, but we HAVE NO money to be able to purchase said travel trailer. Ad their house is just not big enough for us, as well. Seriously considering a large tent at this point. It may be that is what happens. I don't know.



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