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Saturday, August 11, 2007

My adventures in milking.......and being silly!!!

Okay I did not actually milk these cows, LOL, but I did milk a cow Thursday. I had milked some goats by hand ummmmm around 19 years ago, well that dates me now doesn't it, okay actually I was ummm 1 yeah that's it, LOL 1 year old when I milk a goat while in 4-H, LOL. Okay seriously now, that was a long long time ago. And that was by hand!!!

Last Thursday I was invited to help milk cows by Christina, aka the Kansas Milkmaid, when I went and picked up milk and eggs. I helped wash udders and dip them and then did manage to get the ummm geesh I don't know what it's called, the claw I guess, well I got it attached and it worked!!!! Yeah, I also got to spend time scratching darling Missy's head. She is a sweetie, and feed some more grain to another cow, sorry cow I can not remember your name or the name of the ones I helped wash and milk, thank goodness cows can't read or else I might be in trouble!! You know if they could read they would be waiting next time to bat me in the head with a tail for forgetting their names. After all your getting kinda personal washing and dipping an udder and attaching the claw and all, LOL, they would probably be offended.

I felt kinda bad while attaching the claw especially as once it slipped a bit and as a mom who nursed 6 children for a grand total of 8 years, and had a child who bit, I felt soooooo bad. Anyway the claw for those of you who have not milked a cow, uses suction to stay on, okay any other ladies wincing at this thought, remember no hands to hold it just suction. So you can see who I felt a bit bad about the whole thing. I think they forgave me when I poured them a bit of extra grain. Still....................going on now........

I then helped fill milk jugs and wash and clean up. Hmmmmm maybe it will be like an apprenticeship, she can teach me how to do it and then when I am finally able to move back to the country I will be able to milk cows and take care of the equipment, of course then I would really have to remember the names of my cows you never know how the might react to being called another ladies name during milking, LOL.

Have an awesome Sunday


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Aunt Jenny said...

Great job!! I milk my Mona twice a day and love it..more than that..more cows I mean..would be quite a job! How nice of you to be there to help your friend. And those cows are so pretty..nothing as pretty as a jersey cow for sure!!
Love, Jenny