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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A death in the family

What a sad day today. We lost our cranky cockatiel Simon. Even though he would bite and screech at us. We will miss him. We did our best, but I am thinking the abuse he received earlier in his life probably shortened his life span. He was kept in a parakeet cage, was missing lots of feathers and also two toes. Alot of screaming and yelling at him as well. We did what we could and he grew back all his feathers and was so shiny and lovely with a nice full plume on his head, we bought him toys and better food. I will miss his silly little self he loved to sit on my shoulder and play with my earrings. He also loved to sit on top of the curtain rods and sleep. He would screech at us while we watched movies unless we moved him were he could see too. What a sad day today for our family. Simon will be missed.

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Rebecca said...

Birds are such characters. Sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was a fun member of the family.