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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Seeking to Devour a guest post from Kansas Milkmaid

Hello everyone I hope your wednesday is awesome. The following article is written by the KsMilkmaid and is very good. I have experienced the following issues she is talking about all except the harrassing email, after my post telling them I was in the courtroom and heard what was going on they have no longer actually contacted me, but they do search my blog frequntly for whatever they can find. It is a shame that instead of spending all this time trying to help their family member or friend who needs help to escape whatever it is that has a hold of him, they spend it harrassing and trying to ruin buisness for a mother with 6 children. Lets just remember to pray for everyone involved and please enjoy the following!!!

Dear Friends of the Kansas Milkmaid and children:

Do you have a link to the Kansas Milkmaid? Are you praying for the Kansas Milkmaid and children? Perhaps, you have a comment made by the Kansas Milkmaid on your site sitting in your archives. Please know your site is being searched by Speednet.net out of Hillsboro , Kansas . It will sometimes show up as Moundridge , Kansas . One person from Cox.net of Altamont, Kansas also has joined in on the…er… fun. You will notice their key words to include: Kansas Milkmaid liar, Kansas Milkmaid income, Kansas Milkmaid abuse, Kansas Milkmaid Lawyer, Archives of Kansas Milkmaid raw milk. There are a variety of combinations.

I ask that if you see these internet provider addresses pop up on your site meter (they will be most noticeable by the keyword search) that you please pause and pray for these people. The desire of their heart is filled with malice. Pray that God would draw them in. I would ask that you pray for me as everything that I have written is being twisted to fit their perception of me. I know God is using this time to mold me into His image. Part of that is to humble me before Him. Pray that His work would be completed in me and that bitterness would not take root in my heart as I witness these heinous acts. Pray that I will respond publicly and privately with gentle answers reflecting Christ. I have already been in court and witnessed a profound twisting of my written words. And, I have witnessed some emails containing slander. Let’s say, I have some work to do on the gentle response approach. I am sure before this season of my life is concluded; I will have many more opportunities to practice the art of gently responding like Christ did before His accusers.

I contacted one spiritual leader of one of these people and it produced no results. They still search endlessly for anything and everything to twist and distort. The best tool in my arsenal is to hold up the shield of faith and to use the power of prayer. I ask that all of you please pray.

Udderly His,
The Kansas Milkmaid

P.S. There are anonymous and sometimes not so anonymous emails circulating about my past. They are being sent to friends on the internet and some have gone to lengths of calling customers to share their opinions and slander. Please bring these issues before the Lord as well. I am learning that my reputation is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. It is the Lord’s reputation that I should be concerned with. PTL, He is refining me.

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