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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sick Babies

Okay so there not really babies anymore but there my babies!!! My 9 year old who has downs and an allergy to wheat, managed to swipe some wheat this week. He became ill we treated it and he after 24 hours stopped being ill and managed to hold food and liquids down. Thankfully our pediatrician keeps us stocked in medicine to stop the nasuea so that we can get fluids in him.

Last weekend my 5 year old had an allergic reaction to dye free childrens benadryll. Yes the medicine you give for allergic reactions my son is allergic to. Awesome. We took him to the ER they treated him and released and gave us a perscription for another allergy medicine to have on hand if he needed a does. Yeah!!!

Well this weekend my youngest who is 4 has gotten sick. He had a fever of 101.2 I ran and got some motrin when I got back it was 101.9. We also noticed he has a swelling on the side of his neck below the ear. I called the pediatrician and they said yeah go ahead and take him to the local ER he probably has an infection that has manifested in the lymph node or a infected lymph node. So we do they run blood work put in an IV port and then the give him a dose of antibiotics in his IV. They are not sure what the infection is just that he has an infection.

They are giving him the right meds I checked with our doctors. They sent us home with the IV port in, because he seemed okay which is good he rested better here I am sure. This morning more Motrin and he had a temp of 101.2 okay not too bad. I called the pediatrician to check back in, as he seemed a hair more swollen, and they said that is not unheard of, they have seen some lymph nodes get as large as golf balls or tennis balls, WOW can you imagine??? But sometimes they get a hair worse before they get better. Even on the antibiotics.

So we keep on the Motrin and the oral antibiotics and we are now adding tylenol into the mix because as of 3:30 his fever was 103. He seems about the same swelling wise. And we checked back in with our doctors they said if it gets up to 104 with the meds in him we need to just go back to the hospital other wise just keep having him drink and go at 8:00 so they can hook him up and give him another dose of meds in the IV. If anyone will pray for him I would be grateful, there can never be too many prayers.
Anyway if your also wondering why Miss Emmas is not open this would be the reason.

Tiredly and Concerned

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