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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A furry visitor

Well due to last weeks sad events were we lost a couple of friends things have been a bit low key. Not tonight we had a visitor, I was vacuuming and my 5 year old son comes running in from the kitchen and says Mom there's a bat in the kitchen, I was kinda like no way, then the 4 year old son pipes up and say nooooooo it's a bird. Frankly I was hoping there was nothing or if anything I was hoping for the bird. SIGH..........

I walked into the dinning room and through to the kitchen. I stopped in the door way when I noticed 4 kittens sitting on the floor in the dark kitchen starring up at the ceiling and moving their heads around in circles. RATS!!!! I was hoping there was nothing there at all, well it was not a bird....... We had a lovely large bat flying in circles in our kitchen.

And here I am home with only the 3 youngest as everyone else has gone to church. And guess what the phone is in my bedroom which I can only easily get to through the kitchen we have the second entrance blocked due to the set up in my living room. Well I had my 5 year old squeeze around the hard way he got the phone and I called the church for my husband for help. NO answer man this just gets better and better. So praying someone is home at the parsonage, I dialed up that number and Praise God got an answer. Our pastors wife says she will send my second oldest to get his Dad.

My hubby calls and says whats going on. So I reported our visitor, and he said he will be here shortly. Well meanwhile, my 5 year old says is Dad coming home??? I said yeah why he says cause bats are creepy, and said they bite and he started making bat flying motions with his hand and making it land on his arm and say see they bite. SO my husband gets home and the bat is no where to be found.

He searched the kitchen and the laundry room, I thought well maybe he flew back up stairs. I said okay your sure there is nothing in the laundry room, cause I really gotta go. The bathroom is attached to the laundry room. He says nope nothing there. So I start sneaking through the kitchen and looked up to my left and there he is..... hanging upside down on the wall. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I found him, I spit out as I sail back out of the kitchen to the relative safety of the living room.

So my husband grabs a variety of items heavy gloves, a coffee can and lid, and a bat. Not the bat, a bat...... He knocks him down and he hides behind my Kitchen Aid, great I can never bake again..... It has bat germs on it, ewwwwwwwwwwwww. Okay Okay I guess I can wash it or maybe my 15 year old son can wash it, yeah there is a good idea..... SO anyway my husband grabs the screeching thing and stuffs him in the coffee can and slaps on the lid. The bat proceeds to screech and throw itself around he is not happy.

Yuck yuck yuck. I did not witness where he got rid of the bat at and frankly I don't want to know as long as it is not in the house anymore I am a happy camper. SO yeah my knight in shinning armour came and slayed my dragons, okay so maybe it was not quite as big as a dragon, but he did get rid of the fuzzy brown sucker. Yeah!!!!!!!!!

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