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Saturday, October 4, 2008

We have posted new puppy pics!

We have new pictures posted of the puppies. This little guys is our tiniest puppy. he is about half the size of the other guys one of his sisters is not too much bigger then he is. He is just a sweetie, he kept climbing up on my feet and my sons legs to get higher up. Guess he wanted to be the tallest. He just had a blast outside running around and playing. Check out the other new pics on the Amore Schnauzer puppy page. The link is over on the right!!


madrekarin said...

Amy Ellen- Glad you popped by for a visit. I love your new pup! He's so adorable!! What a sweet face. :)
Have a wonderful Sunday.

Sharon said...

What a cute lil baby! He is adorable!

~ Sharon

Kelly Spezzano said...

what a pumpkin pie! I can see why you love these little pups so much!

Pat said...

Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by Spencer's blog. I love your puppies! SO cute. I hope all your dreams come true for your tea room. I can tell you love feeding people and making them happy.