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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This last week has been long. Oh so long. LOL On Tuesday a man came to our door saying he was a handyman for the woman who owns this house. He wants to come by @ 8:00 am on Thursday to take out two ceiling fans and a garage door. Okay, now I let my younger kids sleep in until they are ready to get up. As we home school we have the older kids get up earlier and get going on their day, and then as the kiddos get up they eat and get going.

Yeah, I know alot different then most, but it works for us. Well, he is a no show on Thursday. After putting our entire day on hold, we finally call the owner late that afternoon. We are told he might still come by that evening or the next morning. Well, next day same song same verse, later that day we call and are told a family emergency came up okay I understand that, but seriously if she knew why did she not call. We are told Monday he will be here.

So Saturday Tony had practice, and I drove to a friends house and picked pears. She blessed us with 14 walmart bags fully loaded with pears. We stopped and visited with some friends and did not get home until 11:30 pm. The next day we had a busy day, and I planned to process all my pears Monday afternoon. Well the gentleman shows up around 10:00 am and he gets one ceiling fan done and then takes a break, he comes back takes the other, and then says he has to go out to put those in in the owners house and will let us know if there is another light that needs exchanging and also about the garage door.

He comes back later and tells us he can not do anything until he gets ahold of her, as she was not there. No one informed us that he planned to come back today. This afternoon he shows up to not only remove a large fenced in covered thing out of the backyard, and the garage door, he also wants to come inside and check out about moving the water softener out of the house. I have just started to get ready processing the pears as I never got the time to do it on Monday.

So know instead I clean up and wait while he inspects it. I know we are no longer paying the house payments, but come one we still are living here. So for 4 days we are held up and can accomplish nothing that needs done as we need to keep the kiddos out of the way and the house neat enough for someone to be here. GRRRRRRRRRRRR Yes I am frustrated. At least after this she should be done stripping away things from the house. Perhaps I can get the pears done tonight. Sigh..........

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