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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When no one is safe

As you all know I posted last year about all the nonsense going on with the Kansas Milkmaid. She has been blessed with the custody of her kids and has moved on and has a good life with her kids. Praise God for a judge who has eyes and intelligence. As the DA in that county leaves so much to be desired.

I have continued to be so angry about the fact the in this county, this state, this country or this world, women, children, and those who can not help themselves are not safe. I have been witness to another tragic divorce where the police were called in by the wife, he has had felony convictions, he has threatened and harassed the family through phone calls sometimes upward of 30 calls in one night, that I have heard, has called up repeatedly drunk and while the child was visiting hit him while he was on the phone with his mother when the child told his mom that his dad had been smoking I believe.

A man who has lied to police and filed false reports. All of this mans older children have issues they have even told their teachers that their dad was dead. This children are all known liars, and yet a judge in Georgia pretty much took this man and his kids words copied exactly what his lawyer wrote as far as what he wanted for custody and holidays and gave him custody of a 5 year old little boy. I would like to know who paid who off. They are fighting it and she filed for a PFA who knows how this will turn out.

And then there is the little boy that someone kidnapped in Nevada because of something his grandpa might have done, then Jennifer Hudson's tragic circumstances and now her 7 year old nephew has been found shot to death. When did it become okay even to criminals to kill children because of what someone else did. And as to an insanity plea for people who have kidnapped and murder children. Frankly I feel that goes without saying, aren't they all CRAZY????? They should be locked up, I don't care how unstable they are cause you would have to be to do this stuff.

And I have a friend who works in a rest home in the dementia ward she has witnessed callous treatment, people not rubbing lotion into their skin to soothe it, people not using wipes on people who have soaked and adult diaper, people not changing gloves after cleaning up BM accidents and then moving into a clean area and touching things. When did it become okay to sit by and treat those most helpless as nothing, but a hassle. Also is was told about how the new management of a program/company/whatever for the disabled in McPherson has fudged on reports and changed dates and generally not followed rules.

Has everyone lost their sense of right and wrong?? Why do cases get dropped, why do DA's hang up on desperate mothers try to get help, why are there not tougher penalties against the people who hurt the defenseless, why do DA's drop charges when there has been a confession even. WHY DO WE ALL STAND FOR IT????????

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