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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The lamest thing I have encountered in a long time

Today I called the phone company to make sure that a company, who was not supposed to be on my bill, who had added something to my bill a long time ago had been removed and the money refunded. Now if that sentence did not just make you crazy, LOL. This next bit of info might. Well yes this had all been taken care of so there was only 18 dollars left and apparently that was now due immediately. Well, I said can I pay that on Friday? I forgot that I had funds in the bank. They said well now as you broke your payment agreement last month. WHAT???? I said they said the payment agreement I had made last month which was I would pay 52.00 on Friday and 52.00 the next Friday.

It ended up that I had enough the first Friday to pay the whole thing, so I called in and paid it. Well, since I did not follow the terms of my payment agreement, but had in fact paid it completely and early, I broke the agreement. So will not wait till Friday which is 2 days away for the payment. I was astounded. I was like this is nuts, you would think that a company would be happy that I paid the whole amount and early, but nope it broke a pay agreement. I said again that this is ridiculous and she said well it's not just you it's everyone.

Oh my gosh this is one of the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Then I remembered wait I have some money in the bank I can pay this so it is paid and everything is okay, but good grief. Can you imagine???

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Bekah said...

Hi there! I noticed your blog in Kelly's blogroll and was struck by the name. I grew up in a tiny town in Kansas, so I thought I would check it out.

Phone companies and most other gigantic utility type companies are frequently the lamest things on Earth. Here's praying everything works out in the end.