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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vanity Plates

You know vanity plates can be fun, they can tell you alot about someone even such as these next few

2 3PAIR Too(th r)epair...get it? On a dentist's car

2PCME To pee, see me! Urologists plate

2TH DR On a dentist's car

6 KIDS On a Chevy Suburban in Utah

BAA BAA Baa Baa 'on a ' Black Jeep

BYMYHNY Buy my honey, a beekeeper

DR IBALZ An optometrist's plate

I found all of these online and thought they were kinda cute, one of the teachers one of my sons had in Kindergarten her plate said 5Kolas which was their last name and how many there were, makes sense. Today however, I came up behind one and frankly it made me mad. It read


What kind of person puts that on their car. I mean come on. Where do you get enough gall not to mention the nasty attitude to put that on your car. I don't care who my parents are, how much money I have, what I drive, where I live, or how stunning I was, I would never put that on my car. I just can not imagine why anyone would.

Another thing even if someone actually thought they were better then you, one would hope that they would have enough class to not slap something as rude as that on their car. That perhaps they would at least have enough decency to appear as if they were nice. I mean I would not want people to think I was stuck on myself this way, but then I like people and enjoy being around them and always smile at people, cause you never know who might need that today, I guess that's me though.

Does this person go to church?? I would not have the guts to drive that into a church parking lot. NTNRML sure, why not, I would drive around with that one, I do not claim to be normal, LOL, I like myself this way God made me after all!!!

And I know, yes, not everyone is church going, God fearing etc. But seriously with an attitude like this one it sure does not allow for finding new friends, or being accessible in any way to those who may need us. What a shame...........

Well I need to take my NTNRML self of to the store. I hope everyone has a delightful fall day.

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