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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Sunday

Today has been a slow day. We have not done much, LOL. Chores and meals and movies. Oh well that's okay. I realized that with having a such a variety of ages that we have not watched as many of the Disney movies aimed for much younger kids in awhile. So we rented the Heffulumps Halloween (Winnie the Pooh), and Robin Hood the one with the fox you know the early Disney movie. The little guys loved them. When I can I want to purchase more of the Disney DVDs.

It is breezy here and kinda warm today. Around 70 so we are using the clothes line to dry laundry today. We did this all summer, but it had cooled down and kinda gotten wet here for a bit, but today is an okay day for drying laundry. I am still trying to keep the bills down. It is amazing to me how expensive things are anymore. Although praise God, gas is down to 2.49 here where I live. YEAH!!!!!

I have been having lots of fun making cards with all the gals, and doing some up for orders. I have an order for sock monkey cards that I need to get working on. I also need to get more Christmas cards finished. I plan to get the cards mailed out to the winners here shortly. I still have not heard from one gal, I will need to email I think. I am planning on another giveaway soon. I also have lots of ideas for Christmas and am going to try to get them all done. Here's hoping, LOL. I hope everyone has a delightful Sunday afternoon.


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