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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Oh my goodness we have had such lovely weather. I so enjoy fall. The crisp freshness of the air, the colors in the trees, apples, pumpkins, etc... My kids have even gotten into the fall spirit. My 13 and 12 year olds put out a fresh table cloth and filled a basket with fall colored leaves for the middle. I purchased some more fall "scented" candles, pumpkin, apple pie, gingerbread, mmmmmmmmmmm. Which incidentally the dollar store has some of these scents of candles in cute little mason jars for 1.00. I love to have things smelling good and looking pretty. We may not have much longer here, but I plan to enjoy it.

Fall like spring also seems to goad me into doing a bit of extra clean up. We straightened out some closets this week, the washroom, and my bedroom. I had so many magazines and books under my bed and one of the dogs awhile back had crawled under neath there and so my bed looked as if it was throwing up books and magazines. So my husband took the mattresses off and I packed all the books in a couple of boxes that fit under there and stacked the magazines in between the boxes. So now my room is so much neater. I also reorganized my craft and stamping area, which out of the desire to keep all of my things together, must be in my room. So now I can get to making all those cards for the giveaway. ; )

Since we are homeschooling, I have given the kids an art project, a fall picture, I remember in the 7th grade doing a picture out of dots of colored paper, you know circles punched out with a hole punch. My middle schoolers have been given the task of making some sort of fall picture using this technique. They are a bit iffy on it as all my kids love to draw and so doing this is not quite what they had in mind, but I figure using new ideas and different techniques is good for all of them.

We are still heading toward a cafe etc.... I am not sure how it is going to work, but we are heading that way until we get the door closed. I figure God knows whats best, so????

As to my anxiety. I am doing okay, I have been doing alot of reading in my Bible, praying and remembering to take my herbs. I take black cohash which let me tell you is very helpful to us women, ; ) Also ginko, and since St. Johns wart and I can't go outside, I had to stop that awhile ago. It helped my but I became a lobster if I left the house. But anyway, I am okay. God has got me, I may still head into some valleys, but I am sure that God well help me back up into the sunlight on the hills. So thank you for all of your prayers.

I will draw the name for the giveaway sometime on Saturday. You all that have entered have a pretty good shot, as not many entered this time. Last fall I had bunches, but that's okay. I have not been consistent in my posting so have not had the readership that I had before. Oh well!!! ; )

I hope everyone has a good rest of their week. I am looking forward to the weekend. Not sure why just am. Be Blessed everyone.

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Nancy Jo said...

Hi Amy,
I do the same thing, go crazy changIng things around in the fall and sorting out everything.
Love the puppy picture.