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Monday, October 20, 2008

A nice fall evening

We have had some lovely fall evenings over the last few weeks. The kiddos and I went out and took a few pics. I will miss our yard when we have to move. I know God knows our needs and can give us an even better backyard. I am still not sure how a cafe or whatever will work into our lives. I have not sold the puppies yet, although I have not pushed it yet, as I could not afford to get all the registrations sent in until late, and so I am still waiting. I keep trying to figure out what I can sell to make money. Oh well, God knows. I just gotta keep waiting and being patient and trusting him. I am gonna go watch the New Indiana Jones movie. My hubby and I grew up watching those. So we of course must watch the new one. I have been told the old ones are alot better, but if you liked those you have to see the new one. So I guess we will see. I hope everyone has a wonderful night. Nighty Night!!!!

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Aunt Jenny said...

We watched the new Indiana Jones movie on DVD last night too. I thought it was good..but like you said..the old ones were just better. I remember watching the first one (rented too) when my oldest boys were just little..and they are big grown men now...28 adn 30 years old. sigh. The years go by so fast!!
Your puppies are SO cute!! I love all the pictures of your family too. You have such a fun blog!!!