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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The things that keep getting thrown at me..... you may laugh my mom did, LOL

You'll understand the pics as you read the post, LOL.

Okay so I have been struggling. I keep praying and wondering when all these things will stop being thrown my way. How strong do I need to be, God will never give me too much, but geesh.......

So anyway, this morning was a lovely June morning, not too hot, the windows open to catch the gentle breeze, we had a long day yesterday and I had to drive my hubby to work this morning at 5:15, so I was letting everyone sleep in. I was laying relaxing in bed, kinda pondering things, and feeling not too bad. The boys, dogs, where outside in the back yard and all the girls were laying around me. Not too bad. Then the boys start barking......

I hear voices, a man and some kids. I thought well someone walking past. I got up pulled on my robe, walked to the bathroom and they really started barking in earnest. My oldest was up and I asked him to look outside. He comes back mom there are some kids trying to get into the garage that is outside the fence.

Background on this garage.... We pay for the rent on the whole thing, we mow the property that this garage sits on, we pay for the electricity to this garage. The landlady has some stuff in there. They had a garage sale out of it, they have been in and out of there all hours of the day and night running the electricity that WE PAY for to a tune of 245.00 this last month. We run no dryer, we leave all the lights off as much as possible, we have cut back on showers and make time limits, as water is included in this bill, we have not turned on the air conditioner and won't until we just can not stand it anymore, and they run the lights out there and have left them on.

Anyway, I get dressed and the kids come to the door saying they need my husband. Well he is at work. So I grab my shoes and look out the back window, SIGH................. The landladies boyfriend is stuck in the window he was trying to climb in. His pants hanging part down showing things I did not want to see. Darn it ..... Why does he have to do this stuff. I assumed and correctly he was drunk again. I see the kids digging his cell out of his pocket. So I go out the backdoor, walk over to the fence, to hear him telling the kids the address, which he got wrong, he named the name of the town not the street we live on. I got the phone from the kid, told the police the correct address.

What I gather happened this morning, is P.... who was drinking already at 9:00 this morning, was walking around outside with a glass of beer, which incidentally I found sitting by the garage door, saw the neighbor kids and decided to get out a small 4 wheeler that was in the garage. Finding the garage locked he decided to have these 3 little kids help boost him through one of the little tiny windows they left open, and he got stuck on the rim on his ribs.

Once I got out there he asked me for help, and I can not do any lifting not sure what he thought I could do. I told him sorry the police on on their way. Two police officers show up, then two city vehicles with buckets, then more city workers, then a few neighbors, finally an ambulance. One of the police assumed he belonged to me. I said NO HE DOES NOT. The two held him up until more people got here and they managed to get him down. The asked me for information. He told them he and his wife owned the garage and when they asked him his address he said he lived out at her house in the country.

Well first may I say this OH REALLY so where is your car did you walk the 7 miles in from where she lives out of town with a glass of beer to crawl through the garage window to get a 4 wheeler for the neighbor kids and get stuck??? He said he has the trailer rented out to someone, well his vehicles are sitting out front of the mobile home right down the street. I told them I do not believe they are married, and she has the key to the shed and she keeps it locked, I gave them her phone number. They called her and of course she will not do anything.

My question is this, I thought public drunkenness was a crime. I would have thought wandering around drunk, carrying glasses of beer down the street, crawling through windows and getting stuck and having to call out all those people would have been enough to do something. I guess I am just hard hearted now.

I have been nice and gracious as I can be, despite the fact that he and his son have repeatedly shown up and asked us for money. Despite the fact that he had my husband help him move the fridge to a repair shop and then refused to go in and give them info, so my husband gave them our phone number and address, and we received his bills in our name until I called them and gave them his phone number and name. Despite the fact that her creditors call us looking for money, despite the fact that we are going to have to move, because the house payments have not gotten made, despite the fact that I had to scrape dog and cat mess of the carpet when we moved in.

I have been nice. I was even pretty nice this morning although I felt like screaming. And the thing is he does not even get it. He sits there smiling and laughing about it all. So I smile and just say no big deal P.... But you know what it gets to be a big deal. I have 6 kids. We have told them to keep the doors locked at all times and to never answer the door when we are gone. My oldest will be 17 and I do not want him answering the door to have to deal with someone drunk.

Yes it is kinda funny now, and boy do I wish that like my mom said that I had video camera, Americas Funniest Home videos might have paid out good for that... LOL

Does anyone still wonder how I am sane with all this. I do sometimes, hahahahah okay I can laugh now, and may I just say that I am more thankful for my husband right now than I have been in awhile as my hubby has never gotten stuck in a garage window drunk with his pants showing more then anyone wants to see. See I found something to be thankful for in all this. There is always something you just have to look for it.

Have and awesome week all!!!

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Anonymous said...

Regarding: Decorating the garage with things that only a mother could love and you don't want to see . Your sense of humor is delightful. I hope that things will start to get better for you soon. When do you have to move from this house? Moving is the pits isn't it? Give everyone in your family and especially you a big hug. You need it the most and I love my #1 grand daughter so much. I wish I could be there to hug you. God Bless You Amy, with hugs from Grandma Shirley