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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A simpler life

I have mentioned before our desire to be out in the country to have a cow, goats, sheep pigs, chickens and of course horses. A simpler life, but then again not really. There would be ever so much more to do.

We were out near Yoder Ks yesterday. We have been there a few times and mom purchases things from them alot. It still surprised me to see off in the distance coming toward us on the road, a horse drawn buggie. We slowed and moved as far to the right as we could. Having ridden horses I always try to be respectful of their space. There was a lovely young family, out for maybe an evening ride or well who knows. They had to lovely little girls.

I often think that would be so much simpler, but you know I am ever so thankful for my electricity. I just could not live without it. And how would I blog if I did not have a computer?? LOL So for now I guess I will stay with my electricity. However I still feel as if I need to be in the country and who knows maybe some day soon, I will be.

Until then.... God knows where we should be

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