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Friday, June 27, 2008

A couple of long days

On Wednesday my youngest poked his right foot on some carpet tacks in an area where the carpet is a bit thin, it looks like the last persons dogs really did some digging at it. Anyway, we called the doctor we did not get ours but his associate. She said get a tetanus shot done. Our youngest had some issues early on that has kept him from having immunizations. So we went to the health department, and due to some of those, we needed a doctors orders for him to have it.

Well, the doctor said to wait, keep antibacterial ointment on it and watch which is what I preferred to do anyway. This morning, it was red and swollen and so they got us right in. This involves a drive to Hutchinson. Which is @ 50 miles from us. We are not willing to switch doctors. Ours is the best, PERIOD. Not tetanus thankfully. He cleaned it bandaged it, and wrote to prescriptions, an oral and a topical. So we drive back to the Walmart nearest us where we fill our prescriptions. We give it to them, and wait then find out the insurance did not go through.

We had switched things around. I was told he had coverage now, but they tried 3 different ways to get it to go through and it would not. Also they did not have the oral medicine. So they transferred it to another pharmacy. Long story short 5 hours a few phone calls later and alot of waiting in the heat as we are not near home I get a return call saying it is fine, they can not bill by computer, but then can call us.

Get to the pharmacy, tell them this they call and it takes her repeating the story 4 times to people, and another hour to find out that they can't actually do it today, but it will all be able to be run through tomorrow. So they got the name and the number of the person they were talking to let us have the prescriptions and we finally got to go home. 9 and a half hours after we left it. I am tried.

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