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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I need to look for more things to be thankful for so.....

I plan to post in the morning about 5 things I am thankful for. Not sure how long I will continue for, perhpas until I just can't think of 5 new things. Maybe then I will go down to 1 or 2 things every morning, I don't know. We shall see what we see. Please feel free to join me. I figure I will do it if I say in public that I will and by starting each day by finding things to be thankful for perhaps I will be able to start my day so much better. Please share what you are thankful for. Perhaps we can be an encouragement to each other. So here I start...

1. My God
2. My husband
3. My kids
4. My family
5. My blog that allows me to vent, ; )


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