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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I forgot to post yesterday, LOL

I had so much going on yesterday that I just did not really get on the computer at all. First my oldest son headed out to summer camp. I really hope he has fun. Then a number of phone calls and other things. I had to do a repair on some pants and then on a shirt for the kiddos. Then we had to go to Hutchinson. We were there Sunday, but my Brea was not interested in ummm hmmmm well not interested in "dating" the lovely young male we took her to see.

Soooo back we went again yesterday. And well we should hopefully be expecting a litter of puppies now. LOL. Brea was not happy with me. However we stopped and got some dinner and one of my kiddos brought her out a piece of chicken, and a shrimp. This made her quite happy. Then we had to run a few more errands. With the price of gas we do as much as we can in every trip. Okay gotta run get lunch.

Me : )

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