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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Life in Kansas can be tough.......

I had not posted in awhile and so I thought I might as well share what has been going on. To be honest I am struggling. Some of you may have read my long story about why we had to move out of our last house. Long story short, the landlord did not make some payments, they put the house up for sale, decided it would not sell with 8 people in it so proceeded to kick us out. We were blessed that a dear couple loaned us their mobile home for a few months until we were able to find something.

We felt so blessed when a gal from church offered us the current home to rent. We pay more then most for rent here in the town, because she need to be able to make her mortgage payments on it. She had just moved into another house, and had not yet been able to sell this one. So we said yes. After awhile she took the house off the market and it looked as if we were going to be able to purchase the house. She said it was an assumable loan and so that would even have made it easier.

So I get to calling the bank and they have her permission to give me info. Well come to find out the house is being repossessed. She has not made a single payment since we moved in. SHE TOLD US SHE HAD TO HAVE THIS HIGHER AMOUNT TO BE ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH THE PAYMENTS, and then she did not pay a single one. $3750 in rent payments made and not one speck of it went to pay the mortgage.

I feel as if we have been robbed. I mean come on. How could someone do this, how could someone from our CHURCH do this. The first person was supposed to be my friend. And now someone from our church. I guess really you cant trust much of anyone anymore.

So Thursday we get served papers about the foreclosure on the house. Saying we must respond by such and such date. It does so nicely specify that we can make a claim but it really mean nothing in comparison to the banks rights.

So here we are again. Looking at having no home. I don't get it. And guess what a whole bunch of 3 bedrooms, that as everyone knows you CAN'T fit 8 people in 3 bedrooms. So I guess we will just be homeless maybe, cause everyone knows we can fit so much better say living in our car, or perhaps a tent. So yes I am feeling cranky.

Honestly I do believe that God must have a better plan for us. But I am so weary, I just am struggling. I will aim for something more uplifting soon.

Oh yeah and if anyone knows of a nice farm house in Kansas that someone wants to rent/or lease to own, to a very nice family, let me know, okay!!! ; )


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JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

Amy, I just don't know what to say. I'm appalled that someone would do that to you and your family.

I wish there was something I could do for you besides pray. Hugs.