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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why are people so careless with what is most precious

There is an ongoing "trend" I will call it, that I have noticed over the last few years. I am sure it has gone on for longer of course. I get so mad at people I would dearly love to scream at them. I do not, because really it would not be a very good thing to do.

This trend I am noticing is the complete lack of care for children. I have seen this in so many ways. Time after time I see women with very new babies shopping at the mall or Walmart or even at the state fair one year. Now the problem is not that the babies are out and about. I always took mine out with me. The problem is I see these little tiny babies start to cry and the mom's just continue on with what they are doing.

Okay I may get alot of flack from people for this post, but what is wrong with people. When did it become a sin to pick up a crying infant. I have never ever agreed to just let your baby cry. And every single one of my children are outgoing independent and pretty well behaved. I never have left my very young babies to cry. I stopped what I was doing and picked them up. The really cool thing about this is that they stopped crying!!! I just can not bare to hear this poor little guys cry. Please ladies please pick up your babies. They can not be spoiled when they are this young. God gave us these children, now lets care for them.

Another disturbing thing to me has been all of the little kids I see wandering around all over creation. I am talking little kids under 10. Has anyone one of us not seen the news lately and what horrible things happen to our kids. In freezing temps, I watched 2 little boys walking around town, one in a tank top, shorts, and a large pair of girls flip flops.

Another time we went to the local Dillons, middle of summer, we pulled up and got out, noticed a car full of kids sitting there. I thought okay surely someone just ran in, right?? We bought a good number of things and then came back out, kids still sitting there in near 100 degree temps. This made us both so mad, my husband went back in and bought them all bottled water and brought it back out to them. Now I regretted not calling the police. And shortly after this I started doing just that when I witnessed some of these things.

Kids jumping of a roof into one of those inflatable pools. 2 year old playing near the street no adults in site. I don't care if your sitting right inside your house. Your 30 feet from the street your kid is 3 feet from the street who do you think will make it there first??? 5 year old walking down the street alone?? What are people thinking. Do you want your child to be the next one on the news???

Now we come to Sunday. This last Sunday at Walmart, I was picking up some more pet food, and was leaving that area and noticed a little tiny maybe 4 year old girl walking from the toy section all by herself. A bit back I noticed a man and a little boy walking. I figured she MUST be with them and just in a hurry right?? Well, I was still concerned enough that I asked the gentleman if she was with him and he said no she is not. I noticed her hanging around in toys for awhile and then she left. So I followed her up. Well he asked her what her name was, it was Lexi. Let me just say that Lexi is a darling beautiful child.

She said she did not know where her mom was. Now I know this very nice man just wanted to help her too, but I told him I will take her up to the customer service area. Nothing against him, but even though this child was NOT mine I had no intention of trusting this precious girl with a strange man. I am sure he understood. He told me he would go back and see if he could find someone frantic in toys. I took her up front I was with her for nearly 20 minutes no mother shows up. I am sorry but if my child had been missing for even 5 minutes and did not turn up near the front I would have already had the police on the phone.

Finally, Walmart decided to page Lexi's mom over the intercom and have her come up front. She finally did. The woman did not say anything to me who had her child all this time, she just says to her, I TOLD YOU TO STAY IN TOYS!!!!! WHAT, you left this sweet little 4 year old alone in toys??? She could have been in the next county already. What is wrong with people??? I held my tongue and did not say anything, although I would have really loved to.

What is wrong with people. Why are we leaving what is most precious in the world to run alone in the streets, left alone in the walmart, or crying sadly in the car seats or strollers instead of picking them up. These precious children are our future. They are also the most precious gifts from God.

Boy are we failing.


Sharon said...

Oh, these type of things really bother me too. It is so, so sad. I think they should put home economics classes back in school and talk about mothering and childcare. These young mother's obviously have had no good training or examples in their lives. It is truly sad. I get really upset when I see a little tiny child with no shoes on and a little thin onsie on when it is cold outside! I just feel so bad for the child. Whenever I see these things, I pray over the child. I am glad that you took charge of little Lexi. You never know if you did save her from something.

~ Sharon

Beemoosie said...

I see it too and it breaks my heart. It is a sad state we have come to when people are so self-serving they have nothing left to give a child.
I am glad there are women like you that take the time to DO something.

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

This type of thing bothers me so much. I hate to drive down the street and see little ones out running around without an adult in sight. Just as bad, seeing a parent in a car full of unrestrained kids.

Sometimes people act as though kids are a disposable commodity and I just don't understand it at all.