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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Life here

Hello everyone

I hope everyone is having a fabulous spring day. I know I am enjoying it. It is nice and breezy, thank the Lord, as I have clothes on the line that need dried. Our last electric bill was 300 dollars, ekkkkkk. But no worries, we cut back on what we can no using the dryer, and keeping lights off. We will bring it down, LOL.

I mentioned before that my husband was no longer in the band Staynlis. I am still kinda disappointed about how this all came about, and that we no longer belong to the group. I miss the girls, LOL. SIGH....

However my husband has been blessed my becoming the drummer for a new band. The singer is Gregory Paul Smith. He has been singing solo until recently. The two Josh's and my husband now make up the band, and I have to say, it is a joy to watch practice. Both the Josh's are amazing and Gregory's singing is awesome. They are so free and they just get into it and it is all so natural. Of course you all know I think my husband is the best drummer around. ; )

They are playing the music Gregory already has recorded, although they are playing it heavier and coming up with some awesome new stuff. Although I have not got to hear it yet as I missed the last practice. MAN!!!! LOL. I will be adding a link to Gregory's pages here later. But God answers prayer, this band is more in line with our beliefs, and there is not the conflict that there was in Staynlis.

Don't think I am talking down about Staynlis though. They are awesome, although in my opinion they no longer have the best drummer. (disclaimer, I have not heard the new drummer, but I know my husband is awesome, so I don't need or want to) Does that make me mean, I don't think so, maybe a wee bit biased. But seriously if Staynlis is in your area go and check them out!!!

We did finally get all the water out of the basement yeah. I stopped pumping the water into the sump pump cause it kept just putting back out into the yard and it kept coming right back on in, LOL. So I pumped it into the shower in the washroom, LOL. Got pretty much everything dried out and saved a few books. How aggravating. But hey that's life.

The dogs are all adjusting well. And the puppies are growing so well. They are darling. I plan to take pics here today or tomorrow and post them. This litter is so cute. And we have one little tiny darling. She is so cute!!!

My kiddos are getting excited. Spring is here and summer can't be far behind. That means camp and 4Th of July at Grandma and Papa's farm. It is always fun to get together with everyone. All the cousins, Aunts, and Uncles show up. We will BBQ and we always have way to much food. And we always make homemade Ice Cream. Also we will be celebrating my Joseph's 5Th birthday. He is growing up so fast.

This Friday we will be visiting Hutchinson, Ks. The band has something lined up there that night, and we will first stop and visit the Budweiser Clydesdale's. They will be at the Hutch mall. I know my kiddos would love to see these lovely boys. I love draft horses, with their hooves the size of dinner plates. Then on to Grandma and Papa's to visit. We will get to see the new chicks and ducks. Plus we will be coming home with some new tomato plants.

Next weekend, we have our annual mothers day tea. We will be going to a Miss Emily's tea room in Wichita, Ks. They do serve a nice tea. Not quite as good as mine, LOL ; ) But really nice. Someday I will have my own tea room. I will. I am claiming it. It may not be today or tomorrow, but some day. I just know it.

I will try to take more pics to post here. I have a bunch of the hams that I call my kids, but I do not post their faces on here so alas no pics for the blog. I gotta get out and around and get some more pics of Kansas. Friday will be a good day for that. The farm and the surrounding countryside always has some good options.

Monday, I should have gotten some, but I forgot my camera. I drove over to Marion, a bit of a drive, but a nice one. There was a field with a bunch of lovely calves and heifers. There is also a farm that raises Angus I believe, and these cows, had the best fields I have ever seen for cows. I told my son these cows are blessed. They fields were lush and green.

There were also a number of horses grazing along the fence line. I pulled over to watch them for a few minutes. Every time I think I do not need a horse, that I can live without ever having one again. I drive past a pasture of horses and the pull comes again. The smell of horses and hay is one of the best right after the smell of a sweet baby. Most people do not know, that I used to show horses. I loved it.

I still have all my horse stuff. 15 years of no horse. I still have a whole grooming kit, hoof pick, body brush, curry comb, face brush, bath scrubber, shampoo, fly spray, etc. Then bridles, splint boots, buckets, a winter turnout blanket, oh yes and all of my ribbons, a number of them are framed and hanging on my walls. (is this sad or what) The only thing I would need is a saddle should a horse drop into my lap. I was thinking the other day, I should just get rid of all the stuff. But it is still all there. Is this sad or what. Who knows, maybe I will get a horse again. I can be patient. I've waited this long. Why not a bit longer. LOL

I filled in at a stamping party last weekend which was fun as the gals that have these are a blast. And The Angel Company has awesome stuff. I plan to add a link for that as well. But this company has really neat stamps, and offers great extras every month and always a free gift with every 30 dollar purchase. Which is cool.

So this is what I have been up to. How about all of you. How is your spring going? I hope well.

Amy : )

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