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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rhett Butlers People

I read the fist two books Gone with the Wind and Scarlett a long time ago when I was a teen. I admit I did not get it and really did not like the books. Gone with the Wind the movie is one of my all time favorites. I love the dresses, the horses, the fiddle-dee-dee's, and Mammy. I Loved Mammy and her no nonsense approach to flighty Miss Scarlett. Of course you can only rein in someone so much.......

Recently I felt it was time to give the books another go round. I checked out Gone with the Wind and Scarlett again last fall, and I can say I appreciated them much more. I wish that some of those word were not in there, but I suppose that being this was about the south way back then some of those words were inevitable. I have discovered that like many people Scarlett just did not go over very well, I never did like the movie for that one. There were some characters that I did like in the book, but really it did not make much sense.

In Rhett Butlers People, the book really just goes on as if Scarlett the book never happened. I was sorry to miss Cat, Scarlett and Rhett's daughter, but if you don't use any of the rest of the book adding in Cat makes no sense, LOL. I really liked this book and felt that it gave so much more dimension to all the characters we know and love. I was glad to see Belle Watling a bit more, yes that sounds odd, but I love that there was more on the heart this woman obviously had, as well as her son, and explained the background behind them.

I was also happy to have more background on Rhett's sister. I like her ever so much better in this book. I must admit I still do not like Suellen, and yeah she got the short end of the stick alot, but I wish she could have dealt with it better. I also am glad that Mammy is still around through the whole book unlike Scarlett where they kill her off. Yeah yeah I know people die, but hey!!!

So many things made so much more sense in Rhett Butlers People, than in Scarlett, and I am glad I was finally able to read it. I wonder if they will make a movie on this one. That would be awesome. I think this book has alot more to offer then Scarlett did so, I guess I can cross my fingers, LOL.

Well gotta run got some things to do.

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Beemoosie said...

I have Rhett Butlers People on my shelf, ready to read. I think I'm saving it for summer as I ready GWTW two summers ago, and Scarlett last summer. I really enjoyed both books, but I had to wait a while in between the two to get over the "not the same author" fact.