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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is spring coming or what???

He looks ready for spring!!!!
I don't know if it just me or what. But over the last few years it feels as if it takes forever for spring to get here. Last easter we had snow. Now snow is lovely and I think really awesome at Christmas, but for someone who grew up in California and who wore sundresses on easter, this was too cold for me. I have been in Kansas for 13 out of the last 15 years, you would think I would be used to this, but I guess I am just stubborn.

Spring just makes me feel like getting things done, and frankly this weather we have had lately all grey and rainy only makes me want to sleep.

I guess when the warm weather gets here is just helps to lift my soul. I have been struggling with finding the joy in my days. I am prone to get kinda low. Since we have moved, I am not out and about so much, and when I am out an about and around people, I refuse to let my attitude drag me or them down. So I am positively annoyingly cheerful and happy. I can find anything to laugh about. People like that about me.

But since my husband drives 25 miles each way for work, I only tend to get into town on Sundays for church. And then we do our shopping at the local Walmart, and then we go home. So I am seriously missing the company of other ladies. I know I need to find others to befriend, but that is really actually hard for me. I come across as very outgoing and the life of the party. And I am alot of fun. But by my own nature I easily become a wallflower. So I have had to force myself out of that attitude. And frankly I have been alot happier. But for some reason in this new town, I am struggling with that.

It is a much smaller town then we used to live in and I seem to stand out a bit. I discovered I get odd looks when I use my cell at the grocery store. And I actually have never seen anyone else on theirs here. I also seem to be more ummmm flamboyant could be a good word, then most people around here. I laugh easily and love bright colors. Red being my favorite. So I seem to stand out. I guess I just need to get it together and throw a tea party and invite some ladies over.

Hey it looks as if the sun might be peeking out. Gotta run

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