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Friday, September 14, 2007

Oh my gosh I feel soooooo bad bad bad. I am sick sick sick. I have had fevers today that gave me the shakes and shiver sooo
bad, I could not stop my teeth from chattering. I have a major headache and that is with 3 ibuprofin me every 6 hours. SIGH........................My body aches and so does my throat. I downed a couple of room temp pepsi's which helped a hair, but when you coughing up ucky stuff it just keeps irritating the throat. I am so tired I just soaked in a hot shower to help get rid
of the shakes, I know not the best idea, but I was soooooo cold. I am guzzling orange juice thanks to
the lovely man who brought us a bunch there fore I did not need to send someone after it, along with bunches of soup he bought. I so apprciate this gentleman. A friend just brought over milk and eggs and yesterday a friend brought more veggies. We are so blessed. It seems my hubby has a new better job. I drove him to the interview about 15 min from here, today they sent him for his UA and are running the background check as we speak. Yeah!!!!!! In case your wondering about why I drove
him even sick as a dog, I drive better then him when he is tired and after last nights hideous shift, he fell and got hurt, everything is soaking wet, and has a hard time closing his hands and he was so way tired, anyway
he starts to fall asleep when he is weary and sore. So better my sick self drive then he wreck the vehicle and hurt himself. Anyway please oh please oh please pray for me.

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