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Friday, September 7, 2007

More Angels

I am so blessed. I have been wondering how to stretch what we have to make it last to fill what we need.... I have been blessed by a number of people. I had a friend bring me a whole box or produce, lovely homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and squash. One friend also sent me home with a couple of bags of things last week after I stopped by to visit.

Another friend brought me some more fresh produce zucchini and squash she also brought me 4 complete meals, Chicken Curry and Chicken Cordon Bleu as an example, all ready to pop in the oven or crock pot as well as some ready to bake bread. She came bake today with two bags of things from her Mom's church. Her mom had mentioned our ummm troubles and they wanted to help. She also told me that the gentleman who gave her the complete meals, Miraculous Meals, had some more for us.

I AM SO THANKFUL. This makes the money we do have stretch so much further!!!!Thank you

God so often uses people some we don't even know to bless us. I had been feeling very weary, but this week God has used these small things to remind us that he is still here and that he cares.

Thank you everyone.

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Beemoosie said...

Hearing of your blessings inspires me...God is good, but sometimes life ain't fair...hey is that another song??? LOL! Have a blessed weekend!