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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mr and Mrs Peacock

You know I always used to feel sorry for the peahen. So somber in her coloring, browns, whites, a bit of black, she does have a touch of green around her neck. But she really is quite a sweet little thing.

But honestly she does not have to be a show off. She can sit gracefully watching and waiting, not having apply makeup, have expensive haircuts or designer clothes, LOL, and it is the male who must catch her eye.

With all his bright flashy colors he is quite gorgeous, all those blues and greens. Did you know they shed them? This fella a number of months back had no tail feathers at all. I wonder if he felt naked, exposed or ugly, kinda like we women can tend to do if we must go with out doing our hair or our makeup.

All in all its probably better to be the peahen instead of the peacock. She looks the same one day to the next with her lovely browns and her little crown on her head, that's what those little feathers up there remind me of. Plus she can hid in the brush better. While he has to occasionally become quite plain and with no tail feathers to show off, I wonder if he gets confused. But then I do remind myself, they probably just take it all in stride not wondering about any of it. Why, cause they are exactly what God made them to be and not too darn worried about being something else. I doubt she looks at him enviously and wishes for long green tail feathers. They are most likely happy in their little peacock world. Unlike so many of us who yearn for prettier hair, or better skin, or smaller thighs or larger bust. LOL.... Peacocks are just content, just the way God made them....

My insightful thoughts for today, LOL

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