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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Okay anyone besides me have a big fascination with chickens? ROFL...... I have recently discovered that I have this fascination... I mean I have always known that I liked chickens..

They are kinda soothing to watch as they wander around quietly looking for things to eat. They are cute and feathery.

They make sweet little clucking sounds. They lay eggs, and well heck even taste good.

They come in so many colors and varieties and sizes... It just amazes me sometimes what God has made.

Chickens are relatively secure in their place in the world I think sometimes, I mean not that they can't be scared but these particular chickens hang out with a pair of gorgeous peacocks.... Shame we can't all be as secure in who we are, ROFL...

And chickens such as this hen are good mothers. This momma has to chicks if you pay close attention. This picture was taken a couple of days ago. She is doing a fantastic job of keeping them safe and warm especially as these chickens roam free on the property. They have no locked up chicken house. What a good momma...

What got me thinking that I really have a big fascination with them is the fact that over the last 8 months I have taken hundreds of pictures of chickens.... Now to be fair if there were herds of horses in the places I hang out I would be taking pictures of them as well... But my subjects have been chickens.

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