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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well, spring seems to have sprung, well mostly, LOL.... We have been so busy. We still are not quite settled in. We had sooooo much bad, or uhhh snowy and icy weather that I have not been able, translate that into willing to move my stuff out of storage. I hate the cold. The kids are doing well. Enjoying riding the bus to school now as we live out in the country. There are neighbor kids to play with, forts to build, bikes to ride, and trees to climb. They are pretty content.

We are keeping busy with church and work. My oldest has his first job. During the divorce and the following ummm restructuring is a good word, he was irreplaceable at home, as I worked a second shift job. So he was unable to work previously. He has a job at a restaurant and is doing well. I am so proud of him!!

My second oldest son who is 16 went to prom... EEeeeeeek... What has happened here? Where did time go? Wasn't he just a baby a couple of days ago? David looked so handsome in his tux and Cierra looks so lovely as well. I took some pictures, neither of them was very inclined to let me snap away to my hearts content, LOL... We might have still been there..

I have been busy baking and it looks as if I will have a number of cakes here in May for graduations. My new job is going well. I work hours that the kids are at school. So it is working out well. I am still thoroughly happy at my church and am thankful for the wonderful church family I have there. I have adapted back to this "huge" town, LOL... But after the tiny town of Hillsboro, where I am at now felt really big for quite a long time. Well better head to bed.

Be Blessed

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