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Thursday, February 19, 2009

What you missed at tonights school program or the post other wise know as, When did school programs become so dangerous??!!??

Tonight was the school program for one of my kiddos. We were excited about it. Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Mark were coming. We decided to have a tea party afterward. We made egg salad, cucumber, chicken, and roast beef and asparagus, sandwiches and jam cake for dessert. We got all of the food done on time all ready to go in the fridge. The cake we had a few issues with, it's a new recipe and I think I just did not allow enough time for the frosting to cool. I think that's it anyway. We had to take two trips as the suburban will not be back from the shop until tomorrow.

Soooooo....... My husband drops myself, the child in the program and 2 more kiddos off at the HS. We get kiddo one where they needed to be, and myself and the other 2 kiddos wait to go into the auditorium. The program starts at 7:30 so we are there 45 min early. As are many parents. They open the doors at 7. We go in, we pick a row, kinda near the back. There are 8 in our family counting the child in the program, and 3 more coming so a total of 10 needing seats. We sat down and waited. My husband shows up around 15 after 7 and they take a seat.

Of course shortly one little kiddo needs to go guess where.......... dum dum dum dummmmmm yup you guessed it the bathroom. Normally not a biggie right?? Or so you would think. However to some I have learned this evening that just means those seats are up for grabs, even when you are telling them they are occupied.

So I am sitting there minding my own business when a woman, and I must say a very grouchy rude woman, and her poor meek husband and 2 kids, comes up and starts pushing past me. This was about 7:25. I said I am sorry those seats are taken. I am informed that she does not care. Their not here and she is. I said look there are more seats up farther. She went down there and I am not sure what happened with those, but she comes marching back and starts pushing past me. I said listen my family is just in the bathroom.

Again I am informed she does not care. By now there are a bunch of people turning around and staring. Now if there is one thing I hate it is becoming a public spectacle. And my gosh, this was one if I ever saw one. Briefly I was concerned she was going to hit me, as it was she pushed past myself and my daughter and went and set down next to my son who was farther in. Yes, people are staring still. I turned to her poor embarrassed looking husband and kids and I said look my husband and son are in the bathroom. He and the kids backed as far away from my row as possible. She continued to sit there.

Finally my strapping 6 ft+ husband and kiddo come back and she finally gets up and pushes past us and leaves the aisle. She mumbles something at me as she passed not sure I gave up listening. Her husband now avoiding all eye contact is plastered to the wall. They finally went and found some other seats. I just don't get it. I obviously stated my family was there and in the bathroom. Why are some people so rude and aggressive??

So the program was very cute and we enjoyed it after I got over feeling sick from nerves. Then we began figuring out how we were going to make our 2 trips home. The friends who were sitting behind us said they could drive half home. Now I got mixed up on which half he was taking, so we waited awhile, and then figured he must have taken my hubby and his group of kids. Now after my husband got to the program I had asked where he parked and I did not pay attention to the direction he pointed, but he clearly said out behind the school.

So we headed out toward the back of the school. As we were walking down the sidewalk we came upon some of that diamond grate metal stuff. And guess what happened to yours truly, Come on you know don't you............. Yup, I slipped, now not only did I slip, but I slipped spectacularly and on the way down one of my kiddos stepped on the back of the shoe on the leg that had a slight grip and that really helped, not. I fell all the way down on the sidewalk. Now this would not have been as bad as it was if I had not spent a couple of hours 2 nights before removing all the tack strip from around the floor in my daughters room. We pulled out the nasty carpet that was left there before. I tried to clean it to no avail.

So my legs were already hurting and I could not get up right away. People walked past and I guess after a few minutes a couple of women were headed over to help, but I finally managed to get up. So we continued on our walk to find the car. We finally get to the back of the school and no car. I finally decided to call my husband and ask again. He starts saying the street we turned on.......... I am thinking we turned 3 times what do you mean the street we turned on. I am thinking now I should have paid attention to which direction he pointed. Finally, I admit, I screamed where the heck is the stupid car. He says you know the street with the light on it. I started to continue yelling the street with the light on it that's at the front of the school. I just hung up.

So we basically walked almost all the way around the school. His friend I guess had dropped him off just as I was calling drove past and said have you found it and was like I see the stupid thing now. This is the front of the school not the back and he was like yeah I told him that. So I found the stupid car, loaded the kids and took my sore, bruised, emotionally upset self home.

We had a nice time having tea, sandwiches and cake. And now I am so weary. I can not believe, that I narrowly avoided a brawl at the program, fell on the ground at the program, lost the car at the program, and nearly cried at the program. Thankfully I did not. I wanted to, but thank the Lord I did not cry. When did school programs become so fraught with problems????


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madrekarin said...

Good night above! What an ordeal.
That woman must have had a really bad day to behave like that towards you. I feel sorry for her husband! Yikes. I'm glad you found the car, had the right group to take home and are now safely there. I don't know as if I would ventureout to any more school programs any time soon.
Hope you're okay after that fall. Take today and rest. ;)