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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Does anyone besides me have a problem with this????

Okay so I have a question, why is it that the government and banks are allowed to screw things up and then think hey well lets just throw more money we don't have at it and that will fix it which in turn puts us a country more in debt. I have bills that I am struggling to pay, where is my money. I mean mine are all basically doctors bills for my husband and myself, as we did not have insurance, nothing we did on purpose.

These banks messed up and here Obama wants to give them more?????

From Yahoo news

In addition to sending Congress his $3.55 trillion budget plan for 2010, Obama proposed more immediate changes that would push spending to $3.94 trillion in the current year. That would result in a record deficit Obama projects will hit $1.75 trillion, reflecting the massive spending being undertaken to battle a severe recession and the worst financial crisis in seven decades.

As part of the effort to end the crisis, the administration proposes boosting the deficit by an additional $250 billion this year, enough to support as much as $750 billion in increased spending under the government's rescue program for banks and other financial institutions. That would more than double the $700 billion bank bailout passed by Congress last October.


While yes a bit simple, but seriously, the banks screwed up they should have to fix it. No one is handing me money for any thing I need to repay. How about this our landlady screwed up and didn't make the house payments after we paid her, for a house we were supposed to be buying from her. Perhaps someone again should hand me money this was not even our fault, but lost us a place to live eventually. Where is my money. No where, because of a lack of judgment on our part we lost our home. Of course, honestly we thought we could trust someone from our church, but hey the results are still the same.

I don't have anything else useful to say, and frankly none of this was probably useful either, but hey my blog, and my opinion to express, LOL.

Boy that's alot of money!!!!

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