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Monday, February 23, 2009

Knee jerk reactions and why they are bad

Okay am I the only one who sometimes has knee jerk reactions and then feels like a doofus and sometimes looks like a jerk later. I am now really good about not saying things I have no business saying. I always try to think about what I am saying count a few seconds and then say only what is appropriate. I was not always this way. Perhaps out in the with other people, but sometimes in my own home, I just spit out what I was thinking.

Okay my nifty, snappy, somewhat sarcastic, sense of humor that people LOVE about me does not count. If you ask anyone I am great fun and it is perfectly harmless. Really just ask them. People miss me when I am not there really, LOL!!!!

So anyway, back to what I was saying. I mentioned before that I have been going through some stuff, and I am still not ready to share any of that. Perhaps in the future when things are not quite so raw and fresh. Kinda like that too rare steak I had at Montana Mikes in McPherson a month ago, but that's a very long drawn out other story, but I still swear it was mooing at me!! ; )

Okay again back to what I was saying I have been having some issues with someone and they frustrated me so much over the weekend, that I removed that person, and everyone they had ever breath the same air as that person. Okay that's really now that I have looked at it pretty STUPID. Oh brother, and not only stupid enough so if only I knew embarrassing, but public stupidity. SIGH

And now I thought I should blog about it. Share my stupidity with the world!!!! Whooohoooooooo World I am announcing it now, I can be stupid. There you go. Although any long time readers will have witnessed some post about things that were not the brightest, LOL. Although on many other days, most I hope my stuff was at least somewhat educated sounding, LOL.

So that's why knee jerk reactions can be bad, but then all y'all knew that now didn't you??? ; )

Well gotta go I am sure there are some more people I need to apologize to.

Blushing Hugs

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Sharon said...

I am so sorry that this happened to you. But it will get better. I have done that too and I just can't stand it afterwards when I think about it until I can appologize. Things will get better!

Hugs, Sharon