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Monday, February 16, 2009

Frequent use will keep it sparkly....

Okay so what on earth is that supposed to mean?? That's what your wondering right..

Funny thing, I have 6 kids and a busy life so I have always tended to keep my wedding ring put up. Usually in a pocket in my purse, that way I can put it on when I leave the house. I recently decided, I needed to be wearing it all the time. I no longer have infants I am worried about scratching so I should be wearing it. So I have been wearing it. When I first took it out of my purse, I realized it was looking quite dingy. I thought rats need to get some cleaner.

Now it looks quite sparkly. Just by the constant wear and all the times I wash my hands during the day have revived it. Now here is the interesting thing, just bear with me. This struck me the other day as I sat here posting the Valentines post. How like so many other things this is. First and foremost it is like our relationship with God.

How many of you are as guilty as I am of sometimes putting God away on a shelf. Yes we pray, yes we go to church, and we read the Bible, sure.... But seriously are we actually having a relationship with God. No, it is just sitting there getting all dingy like my ring in my purse. As I have been recently reminded, we need to get the Bible down off the shelve or desk, really delve into it, We need to hit our knees literally and actually talk to God our father, He is waiting on us, he never gives up on us, just us on him sometimes. And go to church and really hear what is being said.

We recently switched churches. We have realized we were slowly starving to death at the other one. No I did not expect my old church to be my only connection to God, however, when all you are hearing are the same sermons year after year and you are learning nothing. Sometimes it is time to move on. The new church we are attending is such a blessing. We have never failed to leave there without hearing something relevant to ourselves personally. In fact yesterday, the Pastor could have been speaking only to me and it would have made sense. How refreshing that is.

I feel as if my relationship with God is sparkling again.

Another thing that the sparkly thing reminded me of is our personal relationships, family, friends, etc. Most importantly after God is the relationship with our husbands/wives. Have you kept yours sparkly?? Mine has not been as it should. I, with Gods help am working at correcting things. Not that I was doing a whole bunch of things wrong, but not all the things I should have been doing right. You know little extras that can say I love you, I am thinking about you, I am praying for

Notes or calls to tell them your thinking about them. Making their favorite desserts. Picking up their favorite snack. Putting the gas in for them when they have to go somewhere, yes ladies we can do this as well. Getting up early and making them breakfast even if you don't need to be up for hours. And don't forget to pray for your husbands/wives. There are so many others out there who are waiting like a vulture for your marriage to look near death. Just so that they can swoop in and save our precious spouse from suffering. We have all seen it happen. So don't let your marriage get all dingy.

Hope everyone has a delightfully sparkly day!!!


JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

Excellent post!

Yolanda said...

Wishing you the same sweet friend.