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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Computer troubles, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Okay I am not sure when I will have a working computer at home again. Mine finally gave up and the thought is that it is the board. GRRRRRRRR Bad time of year. I had alot I wanted to post. A wonderful friend is letting me use her computer tonight to post, but the library computers will not let me access blogger. I can access myspace, which has lots of "fabulous" pictures and songs on it, but can't access my blogger account, geesh. Hey wait I might be able to set it up to post by email. I shall have to check that. So if you here from me again soon, like early next week. You'll know the email trick worked. I hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for Christmas. I know I am. We decorated the high ledges and around door ways, and we have a lovely 8 foot tall Frasier Fir tree. The are pretty inexpensive at Lowes. I hope to be able to share more soon.

Hugs and Merry Christmas

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