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Saturday, November 29, 2008

We have been busy!!

A birthday gift from my Mother. She knows how I love teapots and this one is wonderful!!

My son Jonathan's 17Th birthday cake. He designed it. He wanted the leaf shape for fall.

Birthday cake for a friends little girls 2ND birthday!!

The front porch.

Some snowflakes it snowed for the first time here. It did not stick, but that's okay I can wait a little longer.


More snow!!

Our mailbox, I think it looks pretty!!

Our mini Christmas tree forest!!

I love this time of year! We have been decorating slowly over the last few days. I am hoping to finish early this week. I hope everyone had a delightful Thanksgiving. We spent it with my family in Wichita. There were 18 of us. Plus my brother in law David had his laptop and web cam out and so did my brother Christopher in Arizona so we could see my brother Chris and his wife Niki and my brother David. I am hoping they will be home for Christmas. We sure miss them. I am so very thankful they both are home safe from overseas! Praise God.

I am so looking forward to Christmas. No matter what is under the tree, we have each other and we are safe and together and that is what counts. We have already been given the best present ever the birth of Christ and the forgiveness given to us all.
I am hoping to try to get something together to do something for the people in the retirement home here. The church we attended before made these token trips to a few of them, practically running through the halls belting out a few carols and then running out the door.

It finally struck me as this was just not right 3 places in an hour???? We were not connecting with anyone. We did not stop and say hi or visit with anyone. This just made us feel as if we did something nice. I am actually kind of embarrassed by it now. If I do nothing more I plan to take my kiddos and some handmade cards as well as some goodies for the nurses and hand deliver them. Take some time to say hi and visit.

I hope everyone enjoys this Christmas season and can spend time with family and friends remembering the true reason for the season as well as having all the fun that can be found this time of year!!

Merry Christmas

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