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Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

I am still without a computer. I am glad I as able to set up more things to be done by email. We have been busy finishing up the decorating at our house. I wish I could share pictures, alas, I can not. If I get computer up and running soon I will. We have started mixing up cookie dough and freezing it so that it is ready to bake right before Christmas. I also have shredded zucchini and mashed bananas in the freezer as well frozen in the correct sized amounts per recipe. They freeze great and then can just be let to set out for 30 min or so and then added to the recipe and baked fresh. Saves time when you are trying to bake large amounts in a short period of time.
My family is having our annual Christmas get together and we will be doing a gift exchange as usual. this year we decided on homemade things and gift baskets one for each family from each family. As my family reads my blog, I can not share what I am doing for Christmas, LOL. My brother David should be home for Christmas. Christopher and Niki will not be able to make it for Christmas although we are hoping that they will be here sometime in January.
I hope everyone has a lovely week.
Merry Christmas

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Mygreenearth said...

I think that the homemade Christmas stuff makes it that much better.