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Monday, December 22, 2008


We are all excited at our house. Christmas is just a few days away. We have been reading lots of Christmas books and watching alot of Christmas movies. We had snow last week, but it melted. I am hoping for a white Christmas. I really actually do not like snow all that much too wet and too cold. It sure is pretty though and makes it really fun for Christmas. It has been sooooooo cold here lately. It just feels colder this year to me for some reason. Not sure why, LOL.

Okay now on to the blessing part of the day, : )

A few weeks ago we noticed an odd noise with our car. Without boring everyone with all the technical info, they thought it was the transmission. RATS!!!!! This is always such a pricey thing to fix. Well Friday, my husband and a friend from his new job, drove it down to have it looked at in Newton Ks. I am thinking it was his friend brother who is a mechanic down there who looked at it, anyway.....

He looked it all over and ran some test and they decided that there was nothing wrong with the transmission, yeah. We need new brake pads, no biggie, we need to fix the pipe connecting the catalytic converter to the muffler, which is what was causing the symptoms we were having with our car, and then they noticed the really important thing, a freeze plug was leaking and needed to be replaced. Highly important not as pricey as the transmission.

So it is in the shop as we speak getting that replaced, so we should have a car we can drive for some last minute shopping I need to do, and for the best part visiting family and friends. Yeah!!!! I am so thankful!

Well better run, I got alot to do today.

Merry Christmas

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