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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wandering around Marion Ks

Isn't the red lovely, I just adore the colors in autumn!!

Now isn't it interesting how you can take a picture of the same stretch of trail(both the pic above this and below) from two different directions, and it hardly looks the same

My middle kiddo David and I were in Marion today and decided to take a little "hike" and explore around the park. It is fairly short, but different then just walking around concrete, kinda nice, a bit of a stream off to the left, there is a bigger "river" or creek around the corner, but I just could not find a spot that was what I wanted for a picture...

Steps down to a little spring area. Kinda cool! I would like an area like this in my backyard!!

A bit of the little "waterfall"

In appreciation of Paul Brooker, not sure who he is, but he helped get this little area cleaned up in honor of his father.

Waterfall from a bit farther back.

My kiddo forging the way! Checking out the area.....

This is a picture if a building I have watched them restore in Marion. I noticed them working on it quite awhile ago and now they have the lovely doors and wonderful new paint on the woodwork. As you can you can see below it is a lovely old sandstone I believe, that has been refurbished. I am so glad when they do this as opposed to just tearing old buildings down.

Just for info's sake this pics posted backwards in the order I wanted them. Not sure what is up with that now. I will have to remember that next time, a blogger glitch or something. Who knows, no biggie.

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