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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Busy Busy Busy......

We have been so busy this week, between test for kiddos, the thieving landlady, and sorting through the front garage, we have been busy.

I do not do loads of "test" with our homeschooling, but this week we have been having a few, just want to make sure we are heading the right direction. So far so good, whoohoooo. I have had long weeks lately with uncooperative kiddos. I did actually threaten public school to my two middle schoolers this week. Mom had a bad week and they were not helping. They declined and behaved a bit better. Thankfully, the two youngest still have some frustrating days. Handwriting is not my two youngest favorite thing to do, in fact one moaned to dad that it was torture, LOL.

Ahh now on to the thieving landlady. I mentioned previously about the ceiling fans being removed, now this week she came and removed the wood stove, that the previous owner put in and "replaced" replaced it with a old gas heater. There is no gas hookup. Oh, and removed the duct work and left a nice hole to the outside. Yup, she did. We told her we used the wood stove to keep the gas bill down, but did she care, nope she has a wood burning stove in her house out by the lake. She just removed this one and moved it across the street into a storage unit.

Oh, and while we were gone sometime in the last week, they came into the fenced backyard, to the garage we have a lock on and our belongings in and pried the bottom hinge off of a side door and unlocked it and went in and removed an electric heater that was connected in the garage. All wired in with a thermostat and everything. She was also here last week removing other things from outside the house while we were gone. I have had about as much as I can take and fully intend to give a detailed list to the lawyers for the bank about the items she has removed. I have no intention of being blamed for theft.

We are moving all of the stuff we have stored in the attached garage to the back garage and so that I can track down all of my Christmas stuff. I am also throwing out stuff while going through it. I have so many clothes for all of these kids alot grown out of, that I could open a store. Geesh... I plan on making sure that the side door is no longer accesible. I plan to temp nail a board over the whole door. It is a short door. And then I plan to move my big chest freezer in front of the door. Let's see her get in then!! Anyway, I love Christmas so much and plan to decorate eerything. I will share pictures as I get it done. I have a bunch of tiny trees to decorate each room in the house, plus garland and tons of lights, and candle lights for all of the windows, then a big tree for the family room. I love Christmas!!!!

Hope ya'll have an awesome weekend.

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