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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Staynlis was in San Angelo, Texas last week.

The stage........ not sure exactly how tall but as you can see it was HUGE!!!!

Tony on drums(not his set), Craig filling in on the bass, Wade on the guitar

Josh on the guitar, Shawn on vocals, Tony on drums, and Craig on bass

Josh, Shawn, Wade, Tony

Josh and Shawn.....

Staynlis met alot of great people and had an awesome time. They were interviewed on TV as well as the radio. They enjoyed watching and hanging out with the other bands like, Cutlass, SuperChick, Stellar Kart, Day of Fire, and others. Oh, I also heard that the catered BBQ was to die for. Sorry I don't know who provided it. All in all an awesome time was held by all, LOL

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Mygreenearth said...

That looks like it was awesome.