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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Post a comment win a free gift

Okay, I said I was gonna have a giveaway. Yeah, I was a bit slow.

So these are the rules, post a comment on my blog about your favorite 3 things about fall, yeah I know last year I asked the same thing, but you all had such wonderful answers, that it seemed like a logical choice again. Anyway, everyone who posts a comment gets their name put into a hat, yes a real hat, LOL, and then we will draw at least 2 names. Oh, and if you happen to mention the giveaway on your own blog, you get a second entry ; ) Just be sure you let me know you mentioned it.

This will go until @ the 10Th of October. I will keep pushing this post up to stay current. Okay so that's it, pretty simple.... Oh, I'm sorry did you want to know what you might win? Well, of course you do, lol!! You can win a dozen handmade cards. The choices are this

1. a dozen cards which will include 1 each of the "major" holidays through the year and the rest filled in with blank inside cards.

2. a dozen various birthday, or a particular holiday, or a particular event cards for example a dozen Christmas, or a dozen birthday etc.......

3. there is the possibility also of you telling me what you need as in event or color etc.... Just let me know when you win and we will see what we can do


Kelly Spezzano said...

I really don't want to be considered for the give away, but since Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season, I did want to share my 3 favorite things!

Since I live in Florida, I can't say the typical "changing of the leaves or crisp autumn days"... but I of course love the thought of Thanksgiving... the one holiday that is dedicated to "giving thanks" for the many blessings of life... and of the course the food on Thanksgiving is worth a shout out! :)

Becuase it is always so hot in Florida, as Fall approaches, I like the promise (or thought) that it may get cooler and we can open the windows in the house and enjoy the fresh air... (even if only for a few days) :)

As I mentioned earlier, we don't really get the changing of the leaves here, but one of my favorite things to do during the fall is to decorate the house with those "fall colors" the rustic oranges and yellows and browns and greens. We don't celebrate halloween, but I do like to decorate with pumpkins (no faces cut out) and horn o'plenties and my "fake" fall leaves... I look forward to seeing your other readers favorites! Thanks again for reading my blog, and I hope you don't mind me stopping by to read yours! :)

Aunt Jenny said...

Okay..my favorite things about Fall (it is my favorite season for sure)
1. cooler weather!!!! I love the crisp fall days and cool fall nights...you can put more quilts on the bed and sleep cozy!
2. the colors for sure...we get 4 real seasons here in Utah and I love it. I grew up on the coast in calif..only two season there..brown and green. I love all the fall leaves!!
3. soup!! Yep...I don't cook the same in the summer for sure and I miss having a bowl of soup and homemade bread for supper!!
I could go on and on about things I love about fall...but there are three!!
I loved reading your blog!
Have a great week!!!

Mygreenearth said...

I never really cared for fall all that Much when we lived in California. it wasn't that much different than wany other season. It was when we moved to Kansas that I decided that I really liked Fall.

One of the best things that I like is the change in the air. There is a certain crispness. The air just feels cleaner.

It just seems like nature slows down in fall setting up for her winter nap.

Watching the leaves change, the squirrels madly scurry to store up their winter booty, it just makes me think of how we must look to God.

My daughter was born in the Fall another blessing to be thankful for.

I just feel that Fall is a time of reflection of things that are to change and to try and focus on the things that we should be thankful for.

Ps noticed I am now everyone's stamping buddy... LOL

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, and YES I love fall~ lots of family time, holidays, favorites scents like pumpkin, apple & spice..

And I love the season change fall brings...colorful leaves.

Marcia said...

My favorite things about fall are the changing leaves and I actually learned something somewhere in the last week about that very thing. All the colors are actually there all the time and it is the lack of chlorophyl that makes the leaves "turn" color because the green is not there. I know I didn't explain that right but you get the idea.

My second favorite thing is that it begins with my oldest daughter's birthday! Yet it was 101 degrees or better in California the whole week. Needless to say the cute little crocheted outfit and hat were much too hot for her to wear home from the hospital... but we ran the air conditioner and she wore it anyway.

The last thing is that it is the season closest to my favorite holiday, which means it is approaching soon and I can begin to think about it and prepare! What fun.