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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Interesting and a God thing

Yesterday, my husband had practice with Staynlis and I went along to visit a friend in the same town. I was helping my husband take his drums into the church to set up for practice, and something very strange happened. I felt a very strong sense of heaviness in the sanctuary. This in itself is very weird as this particular church has always felt very welcoming and calming to me. The farther toward the front I got the heavier it felt.

And I am sure alot of you are thinking okay she is batty, LOL. And that's okay, I can live with that. By the time I got down to the front of the sanctuary, tears were welling. I had a physical feeling of heaviness on me. As I left to get something else and stepped outside it eased back off. When I sat down in the front row the heaviness settled on my shoulders, chest, and neck.

Okay so maybe this could sound like a heart attack, however as it went away while I was out of the church I felt that this was not the case. I sat and watched my husband set up for awhile and got the intense feeling that I should just drop to my knees and pray. However with everything I have had going on I felt so overwhelmed that I was worried that I would just lay there and weep. So I fought it as the other band members were due to show up at any moment and I left.

Did I chicken out?? Yup I did. I have a feeling God will keep at me until I give in. He is just that way not willing to let us stray to far and wanting to cleanse away the hurt, all we have to do is just lay it down. I am sure I am not the first person to run from an experience like this. I am uncomfortable with these things in front of people, and with people coming, I just could not let it happen. The time is coming and I am sure sooner rather then later.

So I go to visit the friend and then my hubby calls to have me come and pick him up. So I get down there and they are all still tearing down and getting ready to leave. I sat near the back. I just was not ready to go near the front. They visited, cleaned up, joked, and then started loading into the cars. After they were all packed up and ready to go, all of a sudden one of the guys car won't start, new car ran great right up until that moment.

They start trying to figure it out, and then discover that a battery cable is completely loose, odd. Well, by know I had to go to the bathroom. So I went back into the church they fixed it in a couple of minutes, and then they all left and my hubby was waiting for me. Right after they all left a young man pulled into the parking lot with, yup you guessed it car trouble, this was at 10:00 at night. I came out of the church right after he got there. He has been having problems with his alternator and the battery is old.

He had a charger for the car, but the charger needed charged. So my husband has him come in and they start charging the charger, and talking about the band and music. Then he says hey let me get you a CD. Well the charger is taking along time to charge and the kid needs to get all the way to Burton. So we drove him over to Walmart to get a battery for the truck. Then we drove him back and use our truck to give him light to make the repairs, get his now charged charger, and he is good to go.

How awesome is God that we were still there to help the kid out and kind of witness to him. Now I don't know if he goes to church or knows Christ. He was a nice polite kid, but you never know. At the very least we were there to show him Christ's love and compassion and to give him a Staynlis CD with some great songs on it that who knows were that could lead. God even uses those of us who are resisting sometimes. Everyone keep me and my family in prayer. We are still working toward the restaurant if it is God's will. Just keeping going unless the door closes and then we will look for that window.

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Kelly Spezzano said...

While it is difficulr for some people to see the hand of God in situations, I find it very difficult to "not see" His hand... while I am just starting to read your blog and do not know very much about your background, I will say that you should not doubt these intense feelings you are feeling. The Lord can be subtle in His dealings with us, or He can be very bold... (as in your case) I pray that you will be able to experience peace in the Lord and that this burden of resistance will be lifted from you!