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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall is in the air

Fall sure feels like it is here. We have been blessed with unseasonably cool weather here in Kansas. It is awesome. We turned the air conditioner off a few weeks ago and threw the windows open. Although we have had to close them at night as it has gotten down right chilly. It always makes me think of apple pies and thanksgiving and carving pumpkins. I made apple cake yesterday. MMMMM The spice appley sweetness with the cream cheese frosting. I gave a big cake away to the neighbors, and made us a one layer version. Less for us to have to eat, LOL ; ) Although the kids and hubby would have been perfectly content to eat a huge two layer cake. My layers tend to be thicker then some others.

We went and looked at the building that I am hoping to make into a cafe/tearoom/gift shop... It has lots of potential. And the work needed to get it up and running is minimal. I just have to be patient while I come up with the funds. I have pondered having my own bake sale, LOL. Hmmmmmmm I keep praying for things to work out. This would be something my family and I can run together and also my husband could keep from working factory work anymore, which frankly is killing his back. Anyway, all y'all keep your fingers and toes crossed, LOL.

I am feeling like having a giveaway. I will post the information later this week. After I figure out the prize and what to do.


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